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Pet Adoption | An Act of Love in São Paulo Brazil

Adopting an animal is an act of love which devotes yourself to another living being, giving affection, care and attention…

Pet Adoption - Act of LoveIt is a joy to see how dogs and cats have won a cozy home, which protects them from abuse on the streets. Regularly, the Centers for Zoonosis Control municipalities hold events in order to get a family for the dogs and cats who live in these places, collected from the streets of the cities. Are puppies, adults, seniors, short coat, long, colors and different sizes and some with physical disabilities.

For those who campaigns for animal protection, this is an initiative of great satisfaction, especially for me. Since its adoption in 2008, Feliciano Law in the state of São Paulo (state law 12.916), which prohibits the indiscriminate killing of healthy dogs and cats at the Centers for Zoonosis Control, Public Kennels and congeners, these animals have been given another chance at life.

A key point of this law has created a legal path that led to the establishment of public policies in municipalities such as castration and animal identification, in partnership with the state government. With Feliciano Act, municipalities have had to invest in appropriate locations to collect and treat the animals, leaving them in ideal conditions for adoption after being neutered and identified.

The Act also created the figure “dog community” that protects and prevents the gathering of that bug that lives in the street, but is careful to locals. Despite not having a fixed tutor, and shall ensure all have love for him. There can thus be considered abandoned.

The scope of the law and the results it has brought to the counties meant that she was already adopted in 12 other states.

The adoption charge helps to reduce the number of stray animals, prevent assaults and mistreatment, and traffic accidents.

Feliciano - Animal Activist Brazil

Feliciano – Animal Activist Brazil

The animals CCZs are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, treated for fleas and ticks, and wormed.Adoption rules may vary according to the municipality, but generally follow the same criteria. The interested in adopting passes through interviews with officials from the adoption industry. If approved, the adopter, you must be of legal age, registers the animal in its name. You must present ID number and proof of residence and pay municipal taxes. And to transport the pet be sure to take collar and leash for dogs and cats for transport box.
Looking for more information on your municipal office or find out about the adoption fairs that are held close to home.

Adopting a pet is to gain a new friend!


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