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First Nursing Home Care Center for Dogs | Tokyo Japan

New Innovative Approach for the Aging Dog or Aging Pet Owner

Dog at Nursing Home with WheelchairAeonpet, a specialized branch distribution giant of Aeon is in the pet business. They have inaugurated its first nursing home commercial center for dogs on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Everything is provided for the convenience of senior dogs: a 24 hour 7 days a week medical center, a beauty salon, a gym, pool and even a re-education for disabled dogs.

The complex provides life jackets so they can swim safely .

“As many animals age along with their owners, the care for these pets may become a serious problem. Hopefully, this new initiative will be a starting point and solution,” says the president of Aeonpet, Akihiro Ogawa.

The chain has already received the first registration request –

“We have received a request from an elderly person who lives alone and is very concerned about his 15 year old dog, especially in case something happens,” said Misako Fujii, head of the center.

The center is also designed to provide intensive treatment ,if needed, which even includes palliative measures. The center will also care for  animals suffering from senility or who are at end of their life.

Nursing care costs about 100,000 yen per month (about $ 984 or 720 euros) for all inclusive care for a small dog, 150,000 yen for a medium sized dog and 200,000 yen for a large one.

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