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Boy Playing with Dog

Did You That Owning a Pet May Be Inherited | Research Suggests It

The pet is a great companion, helps motivates you to walk and to play”, said Ana Maria Perez, an ecologist and educator for 35 years. Although both men and women prefer dogs as pets; they have a greater empathy with cats, while they are more open to having other animals such as fish, rabbits and […]

Dog at Nursing Home with Wheelchair

First Nursing Home Care Center for Dogs | Tokyo Japan

Aeonpet, a specialized branch distribution giant of Aeon is in the pet business. They have inaugurated its first nursing home commercial center for dogs on the outskirts of Tokyo. Everything is provided for the convenience of senior dogs: a 24 hour 7 days a week medical center, a beauty salon, a gym, pool and even […]

Two Legged Dog - Boxer DuncanLou

Two Legged Boxer | Duncan Lou

Duncan Lou who is a Boxer dog like any other dog. Run, play, jump, has a tremendous vitality. The only other difference is that Duncan only has front legs. A Duncan amputated hind legs as a puppy because he was born with a severe deformation.Although it has a wheelchair sometimes used, prefers to run and […]

Pet Adoption - Act of Love

Pet Adoption | An Act of Love in São Paulo Brazil

It is a joy to see how dogs and cats have won a cozy home, which protects them from abuse on the streets. Regularly, the Centers for Zoonosis Control municipalities hold events in order to get a family for the dogs and cats who live in these places, collected from the streets of the cities. […]