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Fruits You Can Feed Your Hamster

Although Some Fruits Can Be Beneficial You Need to Take Precautions

Hamster with AppleThe feeding of your hamster should be based on dry feed prepared from seeds, grains, nuts and green foods. However, veterinarians recommend supplementing a hamster’s diet with some fruit and vegetables which are suitable for them. Fruits and vegetable contain some nutrients that are lacking in the most hamster food preparations. But feed these supplemental foods under the supervision of a veterinarian and always in moderation. If you want to supplement the diet of your little rodent but don’t know what they can have, then read this article and discover which fruits you can feed your hamster .

 Hamsters love fresh food like fruits and vegetables but to base them as a primary exclusive food source is a mistake. Too much can cause them digestive disorders. Therefore, it is important to follow a dry food, provided by the veterinarian, and supplement with these foods occasionally and in small quantities. Also, because hamsters are prone to obesity, which is highly detrimental to their health, we must give fruits with a low caloric intake .

  • The pear is a fruit with a level of high fiber supplement that should be present in the diet of your hamster. Pears are very beneficial for them because they help the hamster to debug their body and help regulate bowel movements. Since a pear is a fruit with fewer calories, you can give a washed pear without the seeds and in small quantities at most once every two weeks.
  • Meanwhile, the watermelon itself is a fruit with fewer calories, ideal for your hamster. Yes, like pears, you must give it seedless, the seeds are harmful to them. The advantage of this fruit to others is its high water content. Since proper hydration is another aspect that we can not neglect in maintaining your hamster in perfect condition.
  • An additional fruit that is low in calories, are strawberries which is a good option. As is true with the above, they are high in fiber and provide your hamster with extra intake of essential vitamins and minerals . Also, they act as a diuretic and help regulate intestinal transit. Remember to wash the fruit well, before giving it to they.
  • The apple is another fruit you can feed your hamster, especially for its beneficial digestive properties. Although it is not one of the fruits low in calories,  it provides multiple benefits in the digestion process. Also the gnawing needed to eat, it will help strengthen the teeth. It is best that the slice not be too thick to chew.  Remember to wash before removing the skin but don’t feed the seeds.
  • Finally, you can include kiwi and peaches. Again,  remove the skin, and pit from peaches and feed chopped. These fruits are also contain a lot of water and have very low level of calories, so it does not promote weight gain and also helps regulate intestinal transit. Remember that obesity in the hamster is a highly detrimental to a hamster’s health.


When giving your hamster supplemental fruit, it is important that you consider the various procedures. First, properly wash the fruit. Second, remove the skin in specific cases. It is also recommended that generally only feed once a week. Even tough some fruits are beneficial others are toxic,  such as grapes, bananas and avocados.

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