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Scratching is Normal Behaviopr for Cats | They Need a Scratching Post

Scratching is a Normal Cat Behavior that Needs to be Met

Cat Using Scratching PostCats need to sharpen their nails by scratching. It also helps eliminate stress and relaxes the cat. If you do not have a scratching post for them, surely a sofa, a chair back or any other suitable item will be chosen by the cat. Scratching is a way to mark the cat’s territory. The cat releases hormones which be smelled by other cats.

Cats have certain preference when using a scratching post. You need to know your kitten and observe the scratching behavior. Many like to scratch upright, vertically, so they can stretch out, while others enjoy scratching horizontally. Analyze the cat’s preference of texture. See if the cat has a tendency toward certain types of toys or prefers scratching on cardboard, rope or fabric. But certainly, one thing they all want is that the scratching surface be firm. So, choose a scratching post model that can be securely fixed somewhere or is heavy enough to stay put.

You can also make a scratching at home with simple things, like a cardboard box, with sisal ropes, which are easily found and are sold per foot or meter.  A piece of carpet also tends to be very attractive for many cats.

Another important thing to be taken into consideration is the environment you place the scratching post. It should not be, for example, in the bathroom area or a place  your kitty does not like or visit.  Ideally put it where the cat likes to stay, maybe in a room the cat is always found. in a room that he is always in.

Although scratching is a natural cat behavior, if possible, encourage him to use the scratching post since being a kitten.. Whenever he’s using the post praise him, speak with him and pay attention.

Do not forget that the scratching is a life long behavior and eventually the post will get spoiled or become smelly. If that happens, switch to a new one! If you don’t, the cat will no longer use it so often, most likely will return to scratching the couch or other piece of furniture..

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