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Bathing Your Cat and Getting the Cat to Like it

Cats Can Get Use to a Bath and Like It

Cat Getting a Bath with DogThe process can be less complicated, if bathing your cat is started early, when the cat is still a kitten.

The bath should be something nice and pleassant, so be careful with the water temperature. Prepare a bowl with a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent it from slipping. Do not let the bowl get too full of water and don’t give the bath if you’re in a hurry. The idea is to have time to accustom the cat gradually. Do not attempt to dry the cat with the hair dryer. These things can really scare and frighten the cat so much you will never it to bathe again. Get everything just right, because you want the cat to like bathing, not fear it..

Start the bathing process with small steps:

  • if you intend to use a dryer, we prefer not to, let the cat get use to the sound of the dryer by placing it on in another room then calmly, approach your cat, never directing the flow into his face
  • try to cuddle him with a towel
  • let  the cat feel the items you will use and allow him to smell of the products also, such as shampoo
  • use the brush to caress slowly
  •  always try to associate these moments with something nice, such as  offering a snack, playing, petting and talking to him in a gentle tone of  voice.

Another option is to give preference to warmer days and dry the kitten with a towel. Then let the cat finish drying with the heat from the sun, especially if the cat has a lot of resistance to a dryer. Once your cat is already more in tune with the used with objects, sounds and anything that involves the process, you can give him a full bath.

Organize yourself!

The day before you can cut your cat’s nails. You can also brush it before bathing. Protect his ear with a cotton balls. Also be careful with the eyes and nose. Do not throw water directly at the cats face.

Always use products recommended by your veterinarian.


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