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Canary Care

How to Care for Baby Canaries

Canaries are small birds and although they can be of various colors, we usually see mostly yellow ones. These pets are not social, so outside the breeding season they should be separated as during this period they can become aggressive in cages. Baby canaries are born and accompanied by her mother when the egg hatches. […]

Hamster with Apple

Fruits You Can Feed Your Hamster

The feeding of your hamster should be based on dry feed prepared from seeds, grains, nuts and green foods. However, veterinarians recommend supplementing a hamster’s diet with some fruit and vegetables which are suitable for them. Fruits and vegetable contain some nutrients that are lacking in the most hamster food preparations. But feed these supplemental […]

Home Dental Pet Care

At Home Dental Pet Care

Already incorporated in our routine is the habit of brushing our teeth in the morning when we wake up, possible during the day after meals and at night before bed. We have been repeating this habit since childhood. But it all makes sense when we begin to understand the problems that the lack of proper […]

Pet Vaccination for Canine Distemper

Canine Distemper | Vaccination is the Key for Protection

Winter can be a time when there is a higher incidence of distemper. This is a a serious and highly contagious disease among dogs. Caused by a virus, and initially with symptoms similar to that of a cold occurs via inhalation of airborne viral particles which present in secretionsof other infected dogs. To prevent dogs […]

Cat Getting a Bath with Dog

Bathing Your Cat and Getting the Cat to Like it

The process can be less complicated, if bathing your cat is started early, when the cat is still a kitten. The bath should be something nice and pleassant, so be careful with the water temperature. Prepare a bowl with a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent it from slipping. Do not let the bowl […]

Cat Using Scratching Post

Scratching is Normal Behaviopr for Cats | They Need a Scratching Post

Cats need to sharpen their nails by scratching. It also helps eliminate stress and relaxes the cat. If you do not have a scratching post for them, surely a sofa, a chair back or any other suitable item will be chosen by the cat. Scratching is a way to mark the cat’s territory. The cat […]

Provide Prophylactic Dental Cleaning for Your Pet

Provide Prophylactic Dental Cleaning for Your Pet

Oral health is not only for humans. Pets also suffer from tartar and gingivitis, among other diseases, which could end up affecting other organs of their body, including the heart, liver and kidneys. So, please check often the teeth and gums of your dog and even your cat. You can start by going to the […]

Dog Leaping Away from Vaccuum Cleaner Noise

Your Dog Can Also Suffer From Anxiety

Spending too much time alone, visiting strangers, the sound of some appliances, thunder or sirens and even renovations in the house can get your dog really nervous and keep your dog in a state of anxiety. “Detecting the origin of anxiety is the first step to the cure of the animal, since in most cases […]

Boy Playing with Dog

Did You That Owning a Pet May Be Inherited | Research Suggests It

The pet is a great companion, helps motivates you to walk and to play”, said Ana Maria Perez, an ecologist and educator for 35 years. Although both men and women prefer dogs as pets; they have a greater empathy with cats, while they are more open to having other animals such as fish, rabbits and […]

Dog at Nursing Home with Wheelchair

First Nursing Home Care Center for Dogs | Tokyo Japan

Aeonpet, a specialized branch distribution giant of Aeon is in the pet business. They have inaugurated its first nursing home commercial center for dogs on the outskirts of Tokyo. Everything is provided for the convenience of senior dogs: a 24 hour 7 days a week medical center, a beauty salon, a gym, pool and even […]